Hello, and welcome to my blog! I’ll be sharing my favourite dog-friendly walks, things to do and places to visit.

One of my favourite places to go for inspiration for things to do at the weekend is people’s blogs, and very often, I discover somewhere amazing that no one seems to know about! I love sharing my experiences with other people and therefore thought I would have a go at blogging myself….

Our pack


This is Merry, our English Cocker Spaniel! He is the inspiration behind the @merrythecockerspaniel Instagram page which preceded this blog. He is a typical spaniel, very bouncy and a bit too clever!


Introducing Coal, our newest addition, an adorable black Labrador puppy. He’s growing fast but so far seems a lot more chilled out than Merry (but a lot more food focussed!)


Dog mum, hill walker, old person trapped in a 20-something body. My hobbies include dog walking, reading and going to bed at 8pm…

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